Safe Sanctuary

Safe Sanctuary Policy and Covenant (click to open our policy)

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TUMC vows to abide by which law concerning sex offenders? *
Which new ministry leader needs to provide at least 3 church and/or personal references? *
How often will TUMC need a valid background check for volunteers with continuous service? *
If you discover someone who has been convicted of physical or sexual abuse against children or others, with whom should you speak (select all that apply)? *
Please check all people who should complete the Safe Sanctuary Training. *
How many Certified First Aid/CPR Caregivers must be on campus while childcare events are taking place *
What form of disciple is NEVER allowed to handle behavioral issues? *
Children who are not currently signed into a classroom or event, is under the responsibility of whom? *
Which forms are required for children and youth to participate in an off campus activity? *
Please check all that apply.
Please select all responses that are true within our guidelines regarding adult to participant ratios. *
Vulnerable Adults who require one-on-one supervision are under the responsibility of their guardian. *
If a volunteer encounters an abusive situation, what is the proper order of steps that they should take. *
How often should the Safe Sanctuary Policy be reviewed? *
All group activities for children and youth should abide by what rule? *
The Two Adult Rule helps ensure safety for *
A Roving Monitor is someone who serves under the Two Adult Rule, who can move around open areas of ministry to ensure the safety of all. *
What is the age difference required for youth volunteers working with younger children? *